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  1. I really enjoy this picture; itโ€™s zoomed in on the mushroom, which shows the angle you took the picture in perfectly. Also the lighting of the photo shows the design on the mushroom which is really cool, the way the grass is bright but doesn’t overtake the main idea of the image is done well too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This photo amazes me! I love the angle the mushroom was taken and the colors. I especially like the light in the background and well as the grass focused in front. Love this photo!

  3. I really like the mushroom picture Zoe it is really unique! It shows a lot of texture and really uses the space. The grass really adds to the picture and makes it better too.

  4. the little balls of light in the background provide a good backdrop for the mushroom. the way that the focus is solely on the mushroom and that there is blurry grass in the front and back really accentuates the mushroom. good job

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