5 thoughts on “img_8296-1q2pph0

  1. I really like this photo because you captured everything in this photo and it’s a great photo. I really like the way you captured the lake.

  2. This photo is one of my favorites, this photo looks like you took it of the internet. Is that a lake or is that mirror, do you know? Does anyone? Great picture. Keep up the good work!

  3. You really bring out the beauty of the sky and mountains in this photo. The angle is brilliant, seeing a great image for the viewer to take in. I really love the water was well, and how you make it appear as a glass pane ready to brake at the slightest ripple.

  4. I really like this picture a lot! It fits the idea of Grand Landscape perfectly. You did a really nice job on fitting the landscape in the photo and that really made the sky eye-catching not only from looking at the top half of the photo but focusing it enough to make it clear on top of the water which I think makes the picture super pretty. Good Job!

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