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  1. I really like this photo! I like how the background is black and the flower is bright, it makes it look really nice. I also may of got spray paint all over your hands.

  2. I really like this photo! I really like how the flower is lighting up the photo with a dark background. The angle you took the photo at was amazing. Great photo!

  3. I really like how this picture is taken. I really like how the flower is really bright compared to the hand and the dark background. I think this is a really good picture!!!

  4. This is a good picture because of the unity in color of the flower and the paint and the background being black really brings out the brightness of the flower.

  5. This photo is one of my favorites by far! I love the idea of the background being black it really makes the hand of the image the center of attention. It shows great texture and really makes the color show. Great Job!

  6. I really like the black background in this photo. It really helps bring out the vibrant color of the flower. The hand holding it looks like it frequently picked the flower adding to the realism.

  7. This is a really great picture. I love how there is a pretty flower resting on someone’s hand. The hand has paint all over it and it just looks good. The background is pretty great to considering the hand and flower are the main attraction.

  8. WONDERFUL JOB! This is such an amazing photo! There is honestly nothing negative to say about it! this photo looks like something is would see in a magazine about art or a life magazine! By far my favorite photo!

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