7 thoughts on “img_0270-2exq0il

  1. This is a great photo! The colors and the lake make the photo come together and look very colorful and unique. the angle you took the photo makes it very interesting. Overall great photo!

  2. This photo is amazing. The different colors in the photo and how the mountains are on the top right, it just all goes really well together.

  3. I adore this photo. The reflection in the water is stunning and the colors are beautiful. This was also a good use of the rule of thirds and you did a great job of getting that wide range of view.

  4. I like how the first part of the mountain is green then the back part is blue. You did a good job on taking this photo, keep up the good work.

  5. The color in this photo of the water is amazing. It was really cool that you where able to get a glimpse of the sun in the photo and the shady areas. This was the best photo of the week by far. Great work.

  6. I really like this photo and how the way you can see the ripples in the lake, I also like what you have done with the light. It really shows the value.

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