4 thoughts on “IMG_0065-1kg117w

  1. I love how close up you got in this photo Tay! The angle the photo is taken at and the way it is edited truly makes it a beautiful and unique photo. Great job;)

  2. I really like the angle that you took this from. The angle really brings attention to the different limbs and the bark sticking out on the tree! Also I really like how to leaves in the background above are blurred.

  3. I really like this photo because of the value it has. When o look at this photo I see a history in this tree. In this photo I can see all that the tree has been through. You were able to capture so much, good job.

  4. That’s an awesome picture, it looks like a professional picture from a fantasy movie or something like that. I like that the angle is from the bottom to the top, it makes it look like a way to hell. You also chose a unique visual effect, it’s not just like usually black and white, that makes no sense. Here you can see why you chose it.

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