6 thoughts on “dsc00408-1-1qgdty2

  1. I really like this picture. I like the way you got the metal in the picture but you also have the mountain backdrop. I also like how you edited it to black and white. Good job bud.

  2. Nice, the black and white really add character to this picture, The mountains in the background adds more depth to the picture as well, good picture mate.

  3. Good job on finding a complex item to be the main structure in the picture but also have the interesting mountain setting in the background with its own smoother textures to the jaggedness of the metal. Nice picture

  4. The way you got the image to focus on the scrap was very well instrumented. the backdrop is also very well done with a beautiful image of the mountains in the background. The way you captured the sky was also very well done, showing the light vs dark in its fullest.

  5. This picture is very unique. I really like how you made the picture black and white it gives it a good look. You did a great job.

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