First Assignments

Lets get started:

1. Make a blog for your photo work and critique writing.

You must join the class blog:… FIRST BEFORE YOU PICK A TEMPLATE.

Follow the link for help on adding the class blog when it asks you to search for the teacher type in kacieanglin

Include your blog title and your first name on your blog.

Write an about me section as a TEXT WIDGET on your blog. Follow the link for help on adding a text widget

Make your very first post a photograph of yourself.

2. Read this article about basic camera functions.

and watch the following video 

Write 20 sentences you learned while reading this article. Be sure to include what is an aperture, shutter speed, ISO, camera metering. (using Word) Copy and paste your text in your blog as a blog post titled: “Camera Functions”. Use academic language and remember the rules of grammar.

3. Practice changing around apertures, shutter speeds and ISO in different lighting conditions with the camera simulator.

4. Read these links on rules for good photographic composition:



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