4 thoughts on “IMG_7141-1f0uqpb

  1. I really love the edginess of this photo and I love the way you blurred out the far left of the picture. Really great use of the rule of odds. Nice work!

  2. I love the colors in this photo. The way the brown flowers contrast against the bright background is really great! Great job getting down to the angles as the flowers as well.

  3. Kem, what a amazing job you did! This photo goes by the rule of thirds, and its very dynamic. The texture does a lot for the picture, and the blurry uncluttered background does great things for this picture. In all, this is beautiful! Great job!

  4. What an interesting photo of this plant, I really like how you got up nice and close to this flower. Where on earth did you find this plant? Excellent amount of contrast and lighting in your photo Kem! Keep up the great work.

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