5 thoughts on “img_3839-1e8nnc9

  1. This photo is awesome! I love the focus on the weeds and how the light shines throughout the picture from different angles. I like the creative title and how you made something so simple look so good. Great job!

  2. The title of this picture is why i am commenting on this photo. I like how the camera focuses on the weeds and sort of blurs out the background. This looks like a photo you would take off the internet! Keep up the good work my good sir.

  3. The lighting you used in the picture is truly remarkable. the way you used the light to capture the grass sis very well done. The backdrop with the trees also helps make the grass appear taller than it actually is. The angle you captured the grass helps refine and make the picture truly great.

  4. I really like the light shining down on the weeds. The background looks good how its blurred out, I think you did an awesome job.

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