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  1. I love this photograph. The light is very vibrant and I like the balance of the photo. I also like how you can see some of the reflections on the water. Nice job!

  2. This photo is my favorite, this is a photo that looks just like one i posted but the only difference is that mine didn’t get put on the wall. The teacher has become the student. I have taught you everything I know and it truly shows it in this picture. You are ready for the world, you don’t need me to guide you anymore. I now release you into to the wild!

  3. I like the angle you took the photo. It shoes the horizon through the trees and the sun. It makes the tree line look a lot more stunning. The trees look very vibrant.

  4. Great picture, I like how you took this in the opening of the trees in the background and the reflection off the water really makes this picture stand out more.

  5. Very well taken, I love the angle and how you caught the sun. The way the light reflects off the water really adds a nice effect to the picture as well. The way you caught that branch on the sun was also very well done, making sure there wasn’t too much light.

  6. What caught my eye was the sun and the creek, I really like the angle and light in this picture. You did an awesome job!

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