7 thoughts on “img_2196-zgoenw

  1. This photo is very cool because of the color of the sky behind the horizon you also did a good job with the rule of thirds.

  2. I really like this photo. The way you made the sunset be on the top of the photo makes it more interesting and fun!

  3. I really like this photo because it reminds of the lion king. The darkness that moves into the light over the horizon is very beautiful. I love the colors and the horizon great photo.

  4. The setting sun makes this picture look like it was taken in the African Savanna. The contrast between the light and dark is brilliantly done making the picture appear like a light vs dark. The angle is also well positioned so we can see the emphasis of the sky. You chose the perfect time of day to take this photo and the result is breathtaking.

  5. I really like the shadow and light. The light where the sun is i like how it goes from yellow to orange. You did a good job.

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