4 thoughts on “img_1464-1jnkdwm-768×1024

  1. I like how you can really see the shadows, but yet you can really see the different l light textures. I also like how you can see the texture of the box.

  2. This photo is really cool, I like how you edited it so it is black and white to highlight the dark and light spots in the photo. Also the angle that you took the photo is really interesting and it gives the observer something new and different to look at.

  3. This picture is awesome and really shows light and shadow. Its really cool and you really have to look to see whats going on in the photo. The reflection really shows more and adds a lot to the photo.

  4. Not sure what this is a photo of, but it’s one those you don’t really have to. It leaves room for the imagination to fun wild and be creative. Love this photo!!!

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