6 thoughts on “img_0615-1-12r5k7p

  1. This photo is so majestic! It almost looks photo shopped! The blue in the photo like sets the tone for the rest of the photo! Keep up the good work my good sir!

  2. I really like how you can see the landscape in the back! I really like how the cleats and the glasses are the same color almost and how its edited.

  3. This is an amazing photo. I like the tint and the saturation in this photo. What is cool as well is the background, which gives this photo purpose.

  4. I really like the back ground and how it gives the picture a story. Putting the sunglasses in the picture was an awesome idea. Good Job.

  5. The colors here are fascinating, and very well captured. I love how the shoes are taken up close and they background helping bring out the shoes. The reflection of the glasses is also a very nice touch as well.

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