7 thoughts on “file_006-1y8hux6

  1. This photo is awesome! I really like how you changed the normal way of playing with toys. You put two different types of toys in one photo. I also like the conversation in the background of the photo. Nice Job!

  2. This photo is very good. I love how you made it black and white. Then the writing on the wall is really a good idea. This an overall great photo.

  3. This is a cute and creative photo. What I like most about his photo was how you made this photo into a actual scene. There is good composition and this is well done.

  4. This was a genius idea! I love you put speech bubbles in this to make the picture feel more cartoony. The angle that this was taken from is perfect, and the ninja is vey well positioned. Black and white was also a really good color scheme to bring this photo out.

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