7 thoughts on “doggo-does-a-drive-1pt0r3o

  1. I absolutely love this photo, how you can just see the top of the dogs head and you got the different colors of your jeep and your dog.

  2. Woah the way you made the dog look like he is driving sure is pretty cool. The only thing id change is putting him off to the side using the rule of thirds.

  3. I really enjoy the sight of this photo! The colors and position of the shot draws your attention to the adorable dog. Great work!

  4. This photo is just too cute. I love the human to dog swap out. The dog is posing as a human and creates a funny tone. The light is a little bright on the animals face and makes it hard to see but it also gives it an older look to it.

  5. The picture is great but it might have benefitted from cleaning the windshield. That would make it easier to see the dog but overall it is an awesome picture. Great job.

  6. Dalton this picture is sweet! I love how she is really paying attention to you and it looks like she is driving your jeep. You did a great job picturing her at the right time. Good job!

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