5 thoughts on “Balance-1o4pq08

  1. I love this photo! It looks very well thought out and the colors pop. I like how the focus was on the brightest aspect of it and the background was blurry. Very well done!

  2. I like this photo because I like how it is focused on the front part of the flower and kind of flows down the picture. Also I like that the green is interacting with the blue.

  3. This is such a great photo! I love the colors and the texture of the flower. Its cool how it blurs out in the back. The blue flower just makes the whole photo pop! Great picture.

  4. This photo is so lovely. The colors are very beautiful and bright. You got the whole flower but you focused on the flower. This creates great field of depth. Good job.

  5. The bright blue colors in the front contrast well with the duller green colors in the back. The way that the focus is on the flower and leaves the rest fuzzy really emphasizes the balance. Great Picture

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