5 thoughts on “20160915_185937-rebycr

  1. This picture is so good! LOVE the angle you took this at, The way the cat is looking down on you is perfect! You captured just the right amount of background to make the whole picture really come together.

  2. I really like this picture. The angle is what makes the photo so eye catching. I also like how you can see not only the cat really clear but also the tree in the background.

  3. I really love this photo. Its really cute and I like how the cat looks confused and curious. The angle is very good and I like the photo. I love the colors and how the light comes through the trees. Great photo.

  4. The angle at which the photo was taken really elevates the picture. The background blends well and doesn’t distract from the main subject and you can clearly see the specific intent behind the picture.

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