Digital Art 2 Syllabus

Advanced Digital Art Syllabus

Class Objectives: Advanced Digital Art students will further explore technique and more advanced uses in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Students will learn more about how professionals in various graphic design and advertising fields use the programs and the purpose. Students will also use these programs to create a business identity and several other larger projects.

Grading: Points for assignments will vary from 10 points up to 50, there are a couple of larger assignments that will be worth 50-100. For each assignment, the days that we are working on them, you will receive 20 participation points. Participation points and assignment points will be valued on 1) Effort, 2) Attitude/Behavior, 3) Skill and Technique, and 4) Craftsmanship and Neatness. If you are absent you will receive a zero for the day. You can make up these points by turning in a piece of artwork that you do at home or completing the assignment from the day you were absent. If you are absent one day, then you have one day to make up the assignment. If you are absent two days, you have two days to make up the assignment, and so on.


A – Outstanding, exceeds expected criteria, superior

B – Very good work, met criteria, considerable/high

C – Good work, satisfactory, average/adequate

D – Fair work, minimal

F – Poor, unacceptable, did not complete or turn in

Late Work: I will accept late work up to two weeks after the due date. If your work is one day late up to the two weeks late, it will receive 50% of the total grade. If you are absent I will follow the school’s absentee policy.

Materials: Students need to make sure that they have their computers charged and ready for class each day. There is a $10 art fee for this class. The money will be used to purchase ink and paper to print projects. You need to bring the fee in by Monday. if there is a financial hardship please let me know by Wednesday and we will set up a monthly payment (you and your parent will sign an extra contract with the payment plan set up). If you cannot pay the fee or set up a payment plan you will need to find a different class. If you bring the fee in by Wednesday you will receive 20 extra credit points. If you bring the fee in by Thursday you will earn 15 extra credit points. If you bring the fee in by Monday you will earn 10 extra credit points. You will lose 10 points for each day that the fee is brought in late.


Academic Cards: Academic cards will not be used for assignments in this class because the assignments are used to show the knowledge of the unit. Students can use academic cards for participation points or the teacher will take the lowest scored assignment at the end of the nine weeks and give an extra 40 points for academic card.

Digital Art Units: You have already taken Digital Art 1 and hopefully learned the basics of Photoshop and InDesign and maybe Illustrator as well. Your work in this class should be higher quality and it will be independent. You are required to turn in assignments, but you will work on your own. If you need help please don’t hesitate to ask. Assignments will be on moodle and are due weekly.


Classroom Rules

  1. Bring materials for class daily (all required art materials and computer fully charged)
  2. Be an active learner at all Avoid behavior that disrupts the class, a classmate, or the teacher.
  3. SAFETY: Students, teachers and guests will treat all materials, tools and situations with safety as the number one priority. Learn to use tools properly, keep your work area clean and organized and be aware of what others are doing around you. Become familiar with the equipment before using it.
  4. Use appropriate language at all times, foul language will not be tolerated
  5. Respect the personal property of classmates, the school, and the teacher. Abuse of materials and

classroom environment will not be tolerated. Students will all participate in cleanup at the end of each class session. Each student is responsible for everyone’s mess. This means you help each other clean up and put away all materials in their proper place.

  1. Do not spray or bring perfume or cologne into my classroom, I am highly allergic.
  2. Follow the rules in the student handbook including computer conduct rules


Consequences For Failing to Follow the Rules 

  1. Verbal warning and reminder of classroom rules
  2. Seat moved or lose computer

Computers will be used for classroom assignments, students can listen to music, watch videos, read articles, etc. for projects and while working on projects. This is a privilege for art students, if the privilege is taken advantage of or not used properly computers will be taken away and given back at the end of class, second offense computers will go to the office. If a student has earned a 70% or below, that student will not be permitted to listen to music or use the computer for non-class purposes until the grade is raised.

  1. Students will be sent to the office with a referral


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