Assignments May 14-17

34. PowerPoint Presentation Due Tuesday before class is over

Create a PowerPoint presentation with the projects that you have created throughout the semester. You should have a title slide with the title of the project, your name and some kind of drawing that you created. The rest of the presentation will have your favorite 10 projects that you created during the semester. Each slide should include your piece, a title for the piece, and why you liked this project or what you did with the project (Do not say, “this was an easy project,” or “this was fun.” You need to explain in complete sentences what you liked about the project and how you created it). When you are done you need to upload the file to your blog as “PowerPoint Presentation,” if you can’t get it to upload to your blog email it to me.

You will be graded on:

One title slide with your name, the title, and a drawing that you created

10 of your favorite project or piece created

Each slide has the piece clearly visible, a title, and a reason why you chose this piece to include in the slide show

Creativity of PowerPoint, including color and font scheme

Assignments May 7-10

30. Vacationland Typography – Due Monday before class is over

Using large block letters (such as 72 pt. Arial Black) to spell a state and then fill the letters with pictures that represent tourism in that state. Superimpose your text layer on top of a map of the state. Should be 8×10. Upload to your blog as “Vacationland Typography.” 

31. Magazine Cover- Due Tuesday before class is over

Create a magazine cover putting yourself on the cover of a magazine of your choice. Make sure to include everything that is usually on a magazine cover, you can find covers online or in my bucket. Add text to identify you on the cover and be sure to add the magazine title. Your finished project must look like a realistic cover. Your finished product must be 7″ wide x 10″ tall. Upload to your blog as “Magazine Cover.”

32. Fonts – Due Wednesday before class is over

Go online and download fonts that best match the following words/phrases, and in a photoshop document write the words/phrases in the font downloaded, you can add special effects and colors to match the words as well.

*Business Like
*Rock and Roll
*Your ChoiceSelect a word/phrase of your own!

The document should be 5′ x 7′. You can change the color of the font, but make sure it’s still legible when you’re complete. Also, make sure to do a different layer for each word/phrase. Upload to your blog as “Fonts.”

33. Infomercial – Due Thursday before class is over

Infomercial (change your body …. add or remove weight …. or results from plastic surgery, or results from using ProActive acme medication)… show before and after pictures. Both images should appear on a 11″ x 8 1/2″ sheet with a heading for your infomercial product at the top of the sheet. At the bottom of the sheet list a toll free number for people to call along with a website where they may order your product. Upload to your blog as “Infomercial.”

Assignments April 23-26

29. Your Photography Business Powerpoint Due next Thursday before class is over

You will start a (pretend) photography business by yourself as a sole proprietor. Create a Powerpoint Presentation to present to the class and include the items on the list below. (This assignment will count as 3 grades in your gradebook: 1- Your Powerpoint/ 2- Your Presentation/ 3- Your Business Card and Logo):

* Business Name and Logo (make a logo in Photoshop for your business. Research photo business logos online to get ideas)

* Your name as sole owner and your roles and job responsibilities. (ex: president, vice president, photographer, editor/retoucher, sales and marketing etc…)

* Where will you conduct your business?  (which state will you live, will you work out of your home or rent office space in which location)

*Address and phone # (pretend)

* The type of photography you specialize in, and the types of jobs you intend to get.

* Samples of work you would like to produce for your clients. (not your current work, but work from online which is the type of work you would like to produce)

* Your web site address (pretend)

* What equipment will you be using? (cameras, lenses, strobes, flash, studio set up, hot lights, gels, etc)

* Who are your inspirations?

* Branding: Create a logo for your business and also make a business card (Make your business card a 3.5 x 2.5  300 res document in Photoshop). Include your logo and business card in your Powerpoint.

* Marketing: Include a slide about how are you going to advertise and get jobs in your field?

* Market Research: How much money you would like to make in your first year of business, and how much you foresee making in 5 years, and also in 10 years.

Assignments April 16-19

27. Cubism due Tuesday before class is over Look up information on cubism, Pablo Picasso, and David Hockney. Then create a cubistic photo image after looking at the work of Pablo Picasso and David Hockney. Take one of your photographs and cut it into pieces and reassemble on a new document. Should be 8×10, CMYK, JPEG. Due Tuesday before class is over.  

28. Social Issue Due Thursday before class is over Decide on a social issue and create a 12×24 poster. Include appropriate graphics and text to support your cause. Make sure the graphics are not too small and not a lower resolution.  Submit as a JPEG, blog post should be “Social Issue.”

Assignments April 2-5

23. Original Poster – Due Tuesday before class is over

Create an original poster marketing a product of your choice. Think about the color scheme and font style. Make sure that your product does show through. Title the blog post “Poster.”

24. Snowboard Design due Thursday before class is over

Design a unique double sided snowboard. In Photoshop you will create your image 8×20 so that you have enough room to put both sides of the snowboard (front and back on one page). You can probably find a blank snowboard and then fill in your design. Be creative when coming up with the design. Blog Post should be “Snowboard.” 

Assignments March 26-29

22. Advertisement Due Thursday before class is over

For this assignment you will create a photograph that would be used for advertising purposes. First you will research advertising photography on the Internet to generate ideas. You will write a proposal before you begin to shoot. Answer the following questions (by Tuesday) in a blog post titled “Advertisement Proposal”:

  1. Who is the client, or company you are representing?
  2. What is the product?
  3. Who is the target audience?
  4. Where would you expect to see this advertisement?
  5. What kind of lighting are you going to use to make this look professional?
  6. What props do you need?

Then Shoot the product and use of variety of compositions. Think about: lighting, composition, depth of field, product placement. Use Photoshop to tweak and enhance your photograph. Add necessary text and captions. Post your best advertising shot, EDITED. Examples below. Blog post should be “Advertisement.”

Assignments March 12-15

21. Photo Manipulation 2 Due Thursday before class is over

Using the link below, choose two of the 22 photo manipulation projects included. Make sure that your projects are both at least 8×10, submit as a JPEG. Blog post should be titled “Photo Manipulation” and then title each piece the manipulation that you did, make sure to put it in a gallery.

Assignments March 5-8

19. Light Effect Due Tuesday before class is over

Create an image using lights, should be 8×10, PSD. Below is an example. Blog post should be “Light Effect.”

light effect

20. Non-Realistic Image Due Thursday before class is over

Create a painting that is non-realistic. Include some kind of visual theme to create visual interest. Elements should be similar enough to look like they belong in the work but different enough to offer something visually unexpected. 8×10, CMYK, JPEG, Due Thursday. Blog post should be “Non-Realistic Image”

Assignments February 26-March 1

17. Circle Due next week on Tuesday before class is over

Once you have completed the art show piece you can start working on this project as it will take several days, time, and patience. Create an image using only circles, color, light, and filters. Below is an example. Should be at least 8×10, JPEG.  Blog post should be “Circle” and title the piece.


18. Photomanipulation Due Thursday before class is over

Create an image, using your own photos, that shows manipulation and forced perspective. Below is an example. Make sure that it is at least 8×10 and save as a JPEG. Below is an example. Blog post should be “Photomanipulation.”