Our blog is:

  • a journal of what’s going on in our classroom
  • a way to showcase our writing and photography
  • a place for students to express themselves through critique and writing
  • a place to talk about our learning with each other

Blog Categories

Agenda – when possible, Mrs. Anglin posts what the students should have written or photographed.

Homework – any work that needs to be done before coming to class

Our Posts – Each student has a piece of this blog. Click on a student’s name to see all of his/her contributions to the blog over the semester.

How to Leave a Comment on our Blog

Students, teachers, friends, and family are encouraged to leave comments in our blog. In order to leave a comment just click the “Post a Comment” link after the piece of writing or photograph. you’ll see a text field to type your comment.

It is not necessary to give any email address or URL. The comment will still get through.

Please remember all comments will be moderated before being posted. That means Mrs. Anglin will read them before adding them to the blog.

Make sure your comment:

  • is positive and respectful
  • criticism that can be used to learn from
  • shows that you read and thought about the post or photograph


Comments that are published might:

  • give new information
  • give and support your opinion
  • ask questions

cause more people to continue the conversation

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