Assignments August 13-16

1. Create Blog – Due Tuesday before class is over

Make a blog for your photo work and critique writing.

If you already have one make sure you can still log in and that you are linked to my class. If not you will have to create a new one.

You must join the class blog:… FIRST BEFORE YOU PICK A TEMPLATE.

Follow the link for help on adding the class blog when it asks you to search for the teacher type in kacieanglin

Include your blog title and your first name on your blog.

2. Blog Posting Due Tuesday before class is over

Write an about me section as a TEXT WIDGET on your blog, if you already have a blog from previous classes with me, edit your about me section. Follow the link for help on adding a text widget

Make your very first post a photograph of something you enjoy, title it “First Post” and title the photo.

Your second post will be a gallery post with three images from the internet, title it “Gallery” and title each photo.

3. Composition Review – Due Wednesday before class is over

Read about what makes strong composition in a photograph and what catches the viewers eye. Find  12 sample photos online which show good composition. Make a gallery of images in Edublogs. Post your gallery and write 12 complete sentences, (with capitals and periods), one sentence under in the caption area of each photo before posting, to explain what element of composition each photo represents. Title your blog post “Composition.”

4. PROJECT CHOICES – One Set Due this Thursday 

Choose three of the choices below for this week and next week (upload to your blog with the title of the choice as your blog post, six photos for each choice with titles for each, do as a photo gallery with 3 rows, upload one by Thursday and the other two by next Thursday)

Shoot from the Hip: Shooting from the hip is a great technique and makes a great basis for a street photography project. With your camera at waist level, you shoot upwards, without looking through the viewfinder – so your subjects don’t know they are being photographed and you are rewarded with genuinely candid photographs of people, with the added bonus of an interesting perspective.

Surrealism:  Create a work of surrealistic digital art. Research surrealism and get ideas for you’re dreamlike or nightmare inspired work.

The Apple:  Each of you will shoot an apple. In your own way.

Environmental Portraits (with multiple flashes): Take several portraits of someone in their environment, doing what it is they do. Post your favorites and write a good short story about your subject and what they DO.

Twilight Architecture: Use a long exposure and tripod to illuminate the world at night.

Musician: Studio Portraits with strobes of musician/musicians in their element.

Couples: Photograph two people and explore the relationship between the two. Try to communicate it visually. In studio or on location.

Animalography: Shoot some great photos of adorable (or strange looking) animals. Possibly use a wide angle lens and get close up for some humorous distortion.

Body Art: Photograph body art and make an eye-catching series to document one of the biggest trends of the decade: TATOOS. You can use your smartphone camera and apps for this project. Be sure to include the app (s) you used to make your creation. Credit to the tatoo artists, if possibly.

“It’s All About the Light”: Show your understanding and observing of nice quality of lighting.

FairyTale Photo: Take classic stories such as Little Red Riding Hood or other folk tales and take photos to illustrate the story.

Architecture: Go shoot the buildings around your city at all different times of the day.  I bet you’ll find some interesting buildings that you’d never noticed before.

Your Meals:  Take a picture of one meal a day for a month.  Not only is this a convenient way to count calories, you can really learn lighting by learning food photography.

Time-Lapse Photo Project
⁃ A series of images taken over a period of time that document growth or change of some kind. These projects are great at helping the photographer to practice observing and communicating an on-going story.

Social Issue Photo:  Document a social issue which is important to you through the visual power of photography.

A Day in the Life of Me: Document an entire day in your life, or the life of someone else. Include captions and text in your photo series. Create a two page spread about yourself.

Hands and Feet: Feet and hands are good subjects in photography. Do a photo shoot of someone (or your own) hands and feet. Remember that good lighting really enhances your photos.

Window and Door Series: Windows and doors are everywhere: we are bombarded with them on a daily basis. Peeling paint, smashed windows, ornate knockers and wonderful windows boxes – this project is sure to yield a great set of photographs

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