Final Assignment

62. PowerPoint Presentation Due Tuesday before class is over

Create a PowerPoint presentation with the projects that you have created in Photoshop and on the iPads. You should have a title slide with the title of the project, your name and some kind of drawing that you created. The rest of the presentation will have your favorite 10 projects that you created during the semester. Each slide should include your piece, a title for the piece, and why you liked this project or what you did with the project (Do not say, “this was an easy project,” or “this was fun.” You need to explain in complete sentences what you liked about the project and how you created it). When you are done you need to upload the file to your blog as “PowerPoint Presentation,” if you can’t get it to upload to your blog email it to me.

You will be graded on:

One title slide with your name, the title, and a drawing that you created

10 of your favorite project or piece created

Each slide has the piece clearly visible, a title, and a reason why you chose this piece to include in the slide show

Creativity of PowerPoint, including color and font scheme



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