Assignments May 7-10

30. Vacationland Typography – Due Monday before class is over

Using large block letters (such as 72 pt. Arial Black) to spell a state and then fill the letters with pictures that represent tourism in that state. Superimpose your text layer on top of a map of the state. Should be 8×10. Upload to your blog as “Vacationland Typography.” 

31. Magazine Cover- Due Tuesday before class is over

Create a magazine cover putting yourself on the cover of a magazine of your choice. Make sure to include everything that is usually on a magazine cover, you can find covers online or in my bucket. Add text to identify you on the cover and be sure to add the magazine title. Your finished project must look like a realistic cover. Your finished product must be 7″ wide x 10″ tall. Upload to your blog as “Magazine Cover.”

32. Fonts – Due Wednesday before class is over

Go online and download fonts that best match the following words/phrases, and in a photoshop document write the words/phrases in the font downloaded, you can add special effects and colors to match the words as well.

*Business Like
*Rock and Roll
*Your ChoiceSelect a word/phrase of your own!

The document should be 5′ x 7′. You can change the color of the font, but make sure it’s still legible when you’re complete. Also, make sure to do a different layer for each word/phrase. Upload to your blog as “Fonts.”

33. Infomercial – Due Thursday before class is over

Infomercial (change your body …. add or remove weight …. or results from plastic surgery, or results from using ProActive acme medication)… show before and after pictures. Both images should appear on a 11″ x 8 1/2″ sheet with a heading for your infomercial product at the top of the sheet. At the bottom of the sheet list a toll free number for people to call along with a website where they may order your product. Upload to your blog as “Infomercial.”

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