Assignments April 23-26

29. Your Photography Business Powerpoint Due next Thursday before class is over

You will start a (pretend) photography business by yourself as a sole proprietor. Create a Powerpoint Presentation to present to the class and include the items on the list below. (This assignment will count as 3 grades in your gradebook: 1- Your Powerpoint/ 2- Your Presentation/ 3- Your Business Card and Logo):

* Business Name and Logo (make a logo in Photoshop for your business. Research photo business logos online to get ideas)

* Your name as sole owner and your roles and job responsibilities. (ex: president, vice president, photographer, editor/retoucher, sales and marketing etc…)

* Where will you conduct your business?  (which state will you live, will you work out of your home or rent office space in which location)

*Address and phone # (pretend)

* The type of photography you specialize in, and the types of jobs you intend to get.

* Samples of work you would like to produce for your clients. (not your current work, but work from online which is the type of work you would like to produce)

* Your web site address (pretend)

* What equipment will you be using? (cameras, lenses, strobes, flash, studio set up, hot lights, gels, etc)

* Who are your inspirations?

* Branding: Create a logo for your business and also make a business card (Make your business card a 3.5 x 2.5  300 res document in Photoshop). Include your logo and business card in your Powerpoint.

* Marketing: Include a slide about how are you going to advertise and get jobs in your field?

* Market Research: How much money you would like to make in your first year of business, and how much you foresee making in 5 years, and also in 10 years.

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