Assignments April 23-26

48. Menu Cover Due Monday before class is over

Create a Menu Cover for a restaurant: Needs to be 8×12, include a logo (name of the restaurant), phone number, address, hours of operation, pictures, and what kind of food is served (Italian, Mexican, American, etc). Upload to your blog as a JPEG and title the post “Menu Cover.” Below is an example without the phone number and address  (please make sure you add those into your menu cover).

49. Postcard Due Wednesday before class is over

Illustrate and design an art exhibition announcement/invite postcard. You should have two pages, one for the front of the postcard, the second page will have the information for the exhibition including date, time, place. You should create the image in Photoshop, this must be your work (if you take photos off the internet you need to change and manipulate them in some way to make it your own). Save as a JPEG, upload to your blog as “Postcard.” Below is an example.

50. Poster Due Thursday before class is over

Create a poster for a musical event or a non-profit benefit. This should be 8×10, you can use symbols to create this. This should be your own work. Save as a JPEG, upload to your blog as “Poster.” Below is an example.


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